The Flesh Between Their Teeth

A decade of teeth eating hearts,
You can feel vileness spewing,
Like being unbaptized into hate
By aspersoriums of acidic waters,
By words used as weapons,
The determined dissimulation
Of propaganda into vox populi,
Garbled garbage recycled
As word meat for the ravenous.
Can’t you hear the gibbering
Of the ape stuck in the man?
Can’t you hear the road rage
In the cataclysms to occur?
Teeth eating hearts, eating money,
Eating the flesh of the earth…
All of us, enemies of each other
And enemy of one’s own self
In the language wherein we’re born.

2 thoughts on “The Flesh Between Their Teeth

  1. This is an intriguing, angry poem, but I’m confused about its meaning.
    Is it related to American white culture or is it related to 9/11
    It has many bitter, vivid images, but I find myself honestly wanting to more context please – if possible.
    Sorry I have not been around for a while too.
    kindest regards Maggie


    • Hi, thanks for your comment. The poem is supposed to be about language. Perhaps not one of my best and not at all in the style I am currently writing, I wasn’t thinking 9/11 though no doubt contemporary political rancor, rabid conviction and dangerous rhetoric inform the poem.


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