Mama Matrix Most Mysterious

Separating children from their families…
That’s like preparing for holocaust,
Blaming children for parental poverty,
Caging the infancy of their spirits,
Terminating their earliest heaven,
Punishing childhood for eternal hope,
Severing the heart from itself in itself,
Killing love on the road to the future,
Like poisoning your own waters,
Spreading rot to your own children,
Like trimming branches that bear fruit,
Disuniting yourself from the mama matrix
most mysterious,

Pounding the hammer of patriarchy,
Beating your simian chest
And gorging on your greed,
For Jesus said, “let the children come to me,”
Let the children be children,
Don’t break the petals from the flower,
Don’t strike out the sun like Ahab
For the insult you presume is yours.

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