Burning Moon

I’ve seen the moon in windows
At life’s saddest hour
Like a transparent sphere
Left behind by the mists of change
I’ve seen moons in mirrors
With faces of ancestors
Buried in the illusion of time
Moons in photographs
Fall from the hands of mothers
Into abysses of blackest despair
I’ve seen the moon on ponds
Flow out without spilling its silver
And the moon in ocean waves
Fold distances into dreams
Returning lovers to their shores
I’ve seen mountaintop moonlight
Outlining each peak
In heaven’s own cold twilight
Moons over the desert
Like the sun of vast night
Begun in a grain of sand
I’ve seen canyons
Into which the moon dropped lures
For the fish of the deepest stars
But I have never seen the moon ablaze
Except in the eyes of men

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