Fishing Magnet

I caught an angel with sintered wings
And fiery breath, burning the rope,
Sinking into the frozen depth
With my magnet in his mouth.
I magnetized a steelhead salmon,
A gun with fins, rosary of fishhooks,
Cast iron turtle, coins in shells
And knife with gills. I drew up a star.
The poles, in an air gap, touched.
The sun lifted from the load line
And a rare earth moment began,
The magic alive in all domains,
With a flux day moon in a web.
Then I pulled up a strongbox
With God’s inductions on love;
A toolbox with God’s tools,
Despite the irreversible losses
For the final restitution of love.
It was then I felt the snap
Of eddy currents saturate my shadow
And I knew I’d never give up.
I pulled up my own return path
Magnetized into a larger, deeper field.

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