Substitutes for a Nightmare

Arms deals and beheading,
Education attacked in Hungary.
Good in evil and evil in good,
Terror and subterfuge.
Ignorance can’t be reconciled.
The rich minority in the interests
Of the rich minority.
The wrong people in authority
Pollute population with corruption.
President carrying human head
Offers no apology.
Books begin burning again,
Ashes mock teachers and holy men.
Nuclear attacks on God
Fail to destroy God.
Time is dead forever.
The hatred continues.
The hatred conditions.
Mafias close one ear
And toast in Russian.
Brexit decides to text it,
America to sext it,
Oligarchs to own it,
Working class to suffer it,
Israel to shekel it,
Media to condemn it,
Turkey to meddle in it
And Asia to cook it.
No wonder earth is dying.
Mothers of mothers crying.
The best stop trying.
We can’t tell who’s lying.

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