Ambassador Bridge

Spectral bridge over untroubled waters,
Another river under mirrors of light.
Rain floods the banks with shadows
And the bridge suspends the night.
A few hours longer into summer now
I walk along the Canadian shore–
America a thousand miles away.
Freedom doesn’t cross the bridge.
It is a causeway into economies
And politics polluted from the start.
Spectral bridge over untroubled waters.
It’s those untroubled waters–
That bridge-less flowing of unknowing–
That river of apathy and death
All cross like those without a country.

Chronicles of Man

After the first beheading, hope was severed like a limb.
After the second, love produced a fountain of blood.
After the third, faith changed faces with fear.
After the fifth, knowledge bled to the last drop.
After eight beheadings, God recoiled.
After fifteen, there was no more happiness.
After twenty, it all seemed propaganda.
After thirty-four, more headless people took office.
After fifty-five, a collective body was sworn in.
After ninety-nine, children played with human heads.
After two hundred, there were no more days of peace.
After four hundred, it was hell on earth.
After six hundred, the executioners were put to death.
After a thousand beheadings, they dare not stop.
After fifteen hundred, fate and freedom were indivisible.
After twenty-five hundred, the heads kept singing.
After five thousand, a dialogue began.
After seven, the heads became oracles.
After ten thousand, there were more priests than people.
After fifteen, the books were sealed.
After twenty thousand, it was a total human eclipse…