Crow Feather Totem I

I saw a crow feather on the road
And the sun shining in that precise shape.
I was drawn to a crow feather on the road
Until I was far from home.
I found a crow feather on the road
Like a murder of crows born of nothingness.
I picked up a crow feather
And turned into my shadow.
I carried the crow feather home
And my awareness was lifted.
I brought the feather home
And the power went out.
I placed it over my hawk feather
And night covered day.
My totem grew to include owl and raven.
Now my shadow has wings,
No one takes this journey but me.

Firebird Sunset

That’s the Phoenix! That’s the myth!
That’s what the storybooks
Have been trying to tell me. The firebird
Nests in the searing winds of time.
It migrates to the forests of the sun.
It lives in the drop of fire behind the eyes
And perches on the volcano in the ribs.
You’ll know the firebird by its ashes,
By how the sunset beats its wings
And flames out like a cosmic fire.
Better to start living , to start loving,
Better to be consumed with joy
Than live another day without rebirth,
Without music that catches fire
Or words that cast a burning shadow.