Pictures at an Excavation

Bright figures swim in a Roman bath
Sunk in shadows of an underworld

Neptune and seahorses mid ocean
A boy on a dolphin leaps into light

Mosaic land of impossible stone
Beings trapped in dimensionality

Beings detached from stone
Gods on the surface of a dream

Supine and recumbent statues
Extruded from swampland

Buried like mystery religion
And backward flowing skies

Tessellated spiral lines
Like nets between stars

Multitudinous motionlessness
Oceans of unweighted time

Clearing the silt of words
From the mirror of mind

Eroding the same earth
A mosaic of merchant civilization

Fish and sails wine and grain
Amphorae amphora repair

Open to the mouth of the Tiber
Fishhead man gulping the sea