The Angel

When the Angel enters your room
Language describes itself,
Like a river of silt growing clear.

When the Angel enters your room
Your sadness is lifted
And desperation delivered.

When the Angel is beside you
The light in your room
Is set ablaze by a rational fire.

When the Angel is near
Love is the body of love
That casts the shadow of love.

When the Angel is at your window
The light embraces you
With the space it creates.

When the Angel is at the door
You’re confirmed to a place
Rendered divine in its place.

When the Angel touches you
Your senses know the suns
They mirror in the warmth of the sun.

When the Angel comes by night
You see how the stars
Bestow the gift of each other’s gift.

What is a poet

The first to walk across a snowfall
To recognize Eden
Speak the country of silence
Cast spells against time
Resolve decay
Make multiple heart donations
Practice empathy
And symmetrical peacemaking
Craft things unseen
List the clouds
Condense night
Love the shadow of a lover
Accept death as revision


On such a night it’s unclear
How many make it home
Get blown far
Fall from higher
Are prisms needles fernlike
Are columns
Enfold a star
Last the night
Shatter or remain intact
Continue through
Become buried
Touch lips
Cover eyes
Kiss creation

Maria Theresa Ala

Maria Theresa Ala of New York Harbor
The ocean crashes back
Beautiful Maria Theresa of Ellis Island
History crashes back
Mother of exiles enlightening the world
Maria Theresa of passenger ships
Adrift in the absence of time
Maria Theresa Ala of America
Vineyards spring up in song
Maria Theresa America
Immigrant of echoes and incarnations
Brooklyn Maria Theresa Ala
Mother of strong mothers of freedom

Gaetano Ala

Gaetano Ala played guitar
Gaetano juggled grenades
And gardened in mustard gas
Gaetano smoked Gauloises
Got lost in the gaze
Of a Greek beauty in Algiers
Gained passage to Paraguay
Growing homesick again
For mother Mediterranean
Gaetano Ala played guitar
Gaetano smoked Gauloises
Immigrant and migrant
A grave in every ground
Great-great-grandparent ghost
Gaetano of ancient Gaeta
Gaetano Ala Gaetano
The margins of a designation
Grammarians agree
Wings of time and nothingness

The Music’s Paid

Breath and brass are familiars
Blending soulful elements

Woods mimic habitat
And voice a common life

All over the world
A percussion is being heard

Strings fuse vibrations
And the earth shudders

Time piecemeals music
To save us from the din

Set in motion
It sways a deafened god

The music’s paid
Let us dance until we love