There’s one piano note my daughter plays
it’s like a pearl has appeared in the room
quasi niente like sunshine on water
ineffably tender like a white rose at the limit of its stem
a snowflake forming the keys of its crystal
a moonlit seashell butterfly instant and dove of light
a soundless note that absorbs all other notes
and like an afterimage
rings with the absence which it struck

2 thoughts on “Pensato

  1. this. this is like a siren song that bids me write and write again. create that liminal space and enter as a body of light and sound.
    thank you. thank you.


    • Thank you! It’s been wonderful to have my daughter home. Kind of a bonus during this Covid crisis since I get to hear live music everyday. Lovely to hear from you, old friend. Thanks again. Happy you liked the poem. Sal.


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